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Short sale is rapidly gaining popularity in the real estate market. This Short Sale Information website is dedicated to providing information and resources on short sale and short sale techniques.

A short sale is sometimes referred to as a real estate short sale, a mortgage short sale, or a bank short sale. Short sales in real estate investing should not be confused with short sales in stock investing where a stock investor sells stocks that he or she does not own. A real estate short sale is a real estate strategy that helps homeowners who owe more for their house than the houses are worth. A short sale helps a homeowner in distress by a process of short sale negotiation with the mortgage company to get them to settle the mortgage for less than the mortgage balance.

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This Short Sale Information website features discussions on the following topics:

  • What is a short sale? A real estate investor embarking onto the world of foreclosures and short sales need to know exactly what a short sale is and the process involved in a short sale. A homeowner also needs to know about the process of a short sale so that he or she is aware what options are out there for him or her.


  • Pre-foreclosure Short Sale. A short sale can be done even if the homeowner has not defaulted on his or her mortgage payments. The term pre-foreclosure short sale is used because the homeowner is not in foreclosure but know that they cannot make future payments on their mortgages.


  • How to short sale? The short sale process is simple but the techniques involved in a short sale process can be complicated. This is because in a short sale, the bank needs to be convinced that it is in their best interest to accept the short sale.

These are some of the topics featured on this Short Sale Information website. Feel free to browse the website for the information on the real estate short sale process that you are looking for. If you have questions or comments that are not answered on this website, please use our contact form to contact us. You can also use the link below to bookmark this page.

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